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K-12 Student Information System

We are going offline for a while as we rebuild this site in preparation for EduTech 2019.
June 6 and 7 @ the ICC in Sydney

The next GENERATION Student Information System

that works the way your school does

ecoSIStem is a comprehensive Student Information System (SIS) that runs entirely on the Salesforce Platform. It can be used as a stand-alone, multi-campus or multi-school SIS solution & you can even plug it into an existing Salesforce instance and integrate it with your CRM capabilities. The choice is yours.

Here are just a few ways that different users will benefit by switching to ecoSIStem:

  • Doing the heavy lifting of student administration for Enrolment Officers and Registrars so they can focus on supporting students, staff and the external school community
  • Making the day-to-day tasks of Teachers more efficient, collaborative, proactive and being able to almost all of it on their mobile devices, anywhere, any time
  • Giving Business Managers & Bursars the tools and capabilities for managing complex family structures and billing arrangements
  • Giving IT Managers the freedom, the tools and the training to tailor the SIS to suit their specific student administration processes and digital landscape
  • Giving Education Support Officers the right proactive tools needed to assist those students (and their families) that need a little more support
  • Principals can engage the entire school community through ecoSIStem Communities
  • Adapting to almost any school’s  digital landscape, making it the ideal foundation on which to build your school’s perfect digital ecosystem
  • Plug-and-play 1 or more ecoSIStem integration connectors into ecoSIStem and start exchanging data with 100’s of cloud-based apps, digital services or local databases.

ecoSIStem doesn’t set out to replace your school’s existing digital ecosystem and be everything to everyone. Instead, it is a cloud-based SIS solution that adapts to your school’s digital ecosystem and sits at its heart.

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Connect With Us
NSW/ACT/QLD/VIC : 0433 304 716
SA/WA/NT/TAS: 0424 050 945
INTERNATIONAL: +61433304716/+61424050945
Twitter: @ecoSIStemDave/@ecoSIStemHugh
Locations: Sydney + Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
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